Hofbräuhaus München
Die Schwemme

The historic beer hall on the first floor of the building is considered the heart of the Hofbräuhaus.

Here, where Hofbräuhaus beer was once brewed, underneath the cross vaults, up to 1,300 guests can sit at tables, some of which have been here since 1897 as testified by the many initials, names and comments engraved on them.

Directly to the left of the main portal is the bar; to the right of the entrance is a smaller room for 70 people. People unfamiliar with the room’s history are surprised by its name: “Stadelheim”, the name of Munich ’s prison.

This room does, in fact, owe its name to the prison. Up until World War II, prison officials, regulars at the Hofbräuhaus, had their own reserved table in this room.

In the center of the public beer hall is a music podium where our own musicians play every day. On weekends, visiting bands provide lively entertainment for our guests.

A Hofbräuhaus rarity, found nowhere else in the world, is the two racks of beer stein safes. These practical storage units were installed in 1970. Encouraged by some of the regular guests who wanted a safe and separate storage space for their personal - and in some cases, very valuable - beer steins, the HB landlord at the time installed a steel rack with lockers for up to 424 stoneware and glass mugs. The wrangling among the regulars to secure one of these boxes with high status-symbol value was - and still continues to be - intense.

The special atmosphere of this institution can be felt in every corner of the beer hall. At the reserved regulars’ tables, guests from all countries of the globe can experience the Bavarian way of life first hand, with its heart and hospitality.

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