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Music and our Brass Bands

Music and our Brass Bands

We feature authentic Bavarian tavern music daily, except on Good Friday and All Saints’ Day.

The Obermüller Musicians, Bräuhaus Musicians, and various guest bands play Bavarian and Bohemian folk music every single day in the Schwemme or the Beer Garden during lunch
from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
and in the evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

in the bustling Schwemme or in our cosy beer garden in the courtyard.

We also play traditional bavarian music In the Bräustüberl on the second floor, in the evenings

Schorsch Obermüller has been making music at the Hofbräuhaus for many decades

“Making music in taverns is a cherished tradition in Bavaria!”

Traditional Bavarian Brass Bands Musicians’ Stammtisch

To help preserve and support Bavarian musical culture, musical artists of all kinds frequent our open musicians’ Stammtisch to play together on the first Monday evening of every month.

Hofbräuhaus has been recognized as a musician-friendly tavern!

Dancing and Celebrating!

Following the Bavarian festival calendar, Hofbräuhaus hosts numerous traditional music and dance events in accordance with the Bavarian festival calendar, such as the May dance, the Kathrein dance, and the Munich dance floor (this might need editing).

Several times a year, in preparation of events like the Kocherlball, the May dance, and the Kathrein dance, our dance instructors offer traditional Bavarian dance classes

accompanied by live music in collaboration with the Cultural Office / Folkloric Culture Team of the city of Munich.

As the host of more than 500 musical events each year, Hofbräuhaus is also one of the most popular venues in Munich.

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Beer tradition for more than 400 years and rich comradery and hospitality
We bring people together!

Hofbräuhaus embodies the Bavarian delight in and appreciation of simply living: It is a rich mix of tradition, culture, pure enjoyment and comradery.
We have world-famous beer, homemade Bavarian cuisine, more than 3,500 regular Bavarian guests and play authentic Bavarian tavern music
every single day.

Hofbräuhaus LogoWillkommen im Hofbräuhaus!

Hofbräuhaus LogoWelcome at the Hofbräuhaus!