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Tradition and history of the Hofbräuhaus

Hofbräuhaus stands for history and stories:

Hofbräuhaus was founded on September 27, 1589, by Bavarian Duke Wilhelm the 5th

Hofbräuhaus was originally established solely to supply beer to the Bavarian court.

Thanks to the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarias ancient Beer Purity Law), high-quality beer has been brewed here from the brewery´s very first day.

Anecdote: Hofbräu Bier saved Munich

During the Thirty Years’ War, on May 17, 1632, Munich found itself under siege by Swedish troops.
To avert the plunder and destruction of the city, Hofbräuhaus paid homage to the Swedes in the form 23,168 liters of beer, among other forms of tribute, thereby sparing the city from further harm.

Hofbräuhaus as a tavern, the opening in 1828

King Ludwig the 1st opened the Hofbräuhaus to the public in 1828. He issued a decree granting public service of food and drink, marking the birth of the Hofbräuhaus as a tavern in Munich.

The success of Hofbräu had to be protected

Many other breweries tried to capitalize on the success of HB beer by copying the HB-Logo, which Hofbräuhaus countered by registering “HB” as a trademark in 1879.

HB Logo

Reconstruction of Hofbräuhaus 1896-1897


The great popularity of Hofbräuhaus resulted in increasing lack of space, which resulted In the relocation of the brewery to Haidhausen, in the center of Munich, in what is now the Hofbräukeller. The brewery was moved to Munich´s Riem district in 1988.

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl brewed for the very last time on May 22nd, 1896. Significant renovations transformed the Hofbräuhaus into the present-day tavern from 1896 to 1897.
Public service of food and drink continued despite the extensive construction.

As early as February 9, 1897, the “new” Schwemme (tavern) was opened on the hallowed ground of the original brewery.

WirtshausWiesn since 2020:


Due to Corona measures, the Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese could not take place in 2020.
The Wirtshauswiesn was celebrated in the Taverns in Munich´s Old Town.

Background: The Wirtshauswiesn isn´t a replacement of Oktoberfest; it is rather a tribute to its origin, the royal wedding in 1810.

The entire population of Munich attended the royal wedding and ensuing horse races at Theresienwiese, gathering later in the city’s taverns to eat, drink, and join in the celebration.

Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus share a strong connection:


It was King Ludwig the 1st´s marriage to his Therese in 1810, that gave rise to Oktoberfest, and the very same beloved king opened Hofbräuhaus to all the citizens of Munich in 1828.

HB Bier gezeichnet
Hofbräuhaus München: zwei Männer in Tracht im Wirtsgarten

Beer tradition for more than 400 years and rich comradery and hospitality
We bring people together!

Hofbräuhaus embodies the Bavarian delight in and appreciation of simply living: It is a rich mix of tradition, culture, pure enjoyment and comradery.
We have world-famous beer, homemade Bavarian cuisine, more than 3,500 regular Bavarian guests and play authentic Bavarian tavern music
every single day.

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