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The Hofbräuhaus beer token

Hofbräuhaus even has its own currency

Our age-old tradition of beer tokens lives on! In remembrance of the tokens used by ancient courtiers to pay for their beer, Hofbräuhaus’s own currency has been reintroduced. One beer token is equivalent to a liter of beer. When regular guests purchase ten beer tokens, they receive an eleventh one for free. Our regular guests also frequently point out that ours tokens are an incredibly stable currency, without exchange rate fluctuations: “Nowadays, you won’t find anywhere else that offers as much interest as at the Hofbräuhaus.” (our regular Guests like to joke) Every year, we release a new edition of our own Hofbräuhaus coins (and many of our faithful guests even have their own substantial collections!)

Hofbräuhaus LogoWillkommen im Hofbräuhaus!

Hofbräuhaus LogoWelcome at the Hofbräuhaus!